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tigormiti 653

tigormiti has updated this deck: Beorn’s damage flowchart

Basic Concept

The deck uses Song of Mocking on Glóin to convert damage on Beorn into resources. This gives you a permanent defender and strong economy. As a safety valve, Vigilant Guard can be played on warriors such as Gimli or Erebor Battle Master.

The Heroes

Besides the aforementioned heroes, Bifur provides access to tech, mainly to heal Glóin and for some deck scrying.

Low-cost tech

Since this is an attachment-heavy deck with a lot of dwarf-mining tech, the best card is Galadriel, which not only allows to play attachments such as Self Preservation for free, but can also set up various shenanigans with Well-Equipped or King Under the Mountain, because she doesn’t shuffle the deck but only reorders it. She gets even better in conjunction with Gildor Inglorion, both conspiring to trigger Ered Luin Miner or Hidden Cache. Gildor Inglorion can put any costly attachment back into the deck, to be fetched by Well-Equipped . He can also swap the attachment with a Well-Equipped happening to be on top of the deck).

Starting hand and shenanigans

The ideal starting hand has Song of Mocking, Galadriel, Captain's Wisdom and/or Heir of Mardil (to compensate Captain's Wisdom kneeling Gloin).

Threat management

Favor of the Valar is ideal for this deck, since it is an attachment that can be put into play by Galadriel. This deck doesn’t mind high threats and being engaged (to the contrary), so its only concern is to avoid threat-based elimination. If you have Erebor Hammersmith and/or To me! O my kinsfolk!, you can recycle Favor of the Valar and postpone elimination for quite a while.


This deck is most suited against enemy-heavy scenarios such as The Seventh Level of Khazad Dum or The Watcher in the Water. I also pitted it against Passage Through Mirkwood Nightmare and Watcher in the Water Nightmare, to pretty good results.


Jan 08, 2018 wehehe 472

Nice idea. Sadly, I am almost sure that this won't work, because song of mocking says you must "choose another hero", and Beorn is inmune to player card effects, so it cannot be chosed.

You can play something similar, with Vigilant Guard, but first you'l need to give Glóin the warrior trait, possibly with Mighty Warrior

Jan 08, 2018 tigormiti 653

That’s something I tried to avoid. Not a fan of attachment combos being the core idea of a deck... sigh

Jan 08, 2018 Hellkite 34

Wehehe is correct. Song of Mocking does not work and you will have to use Mighty Warrior and Vigilant Guard.

Jan 08, 2018 tigormiti 653

Thanks guys. Back to the drawing board.

Jan 08, 2018 Odsidian22 228

If you aren't set on Beorn, hero Treebeard could set up something very similar. That would let you play Self Preservation on turn one with two lore heroes.

Jan 08, 2018 tigormiti 653

I settled on something like this: Beorn -> warriors equipped with Vigilant Guard (Gimli hero being a natural recipient) -> Gloin targeting Gimli with Song of Mocking. This isn’t as good as what I had in mind, but now it really looks like a flowchart lol