Rohirrim Questers

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This deck is designed to work with the Wandering Horse-friends deck. This deck focuses on questing, with the ability to tackle lower-tier enemies and using Gúthwinë on Théoden to recycle cheap Rohan allies. Théoden's ability makes most of them one or two cost, allowing the resources to be used on events that work best with disposable allies that can be recurred. Steward of Gondor usually goes onto Argalad from the other deck, as Théodred's resource acceleration coupled with the low cost curve of the deck mean the economy of this deck is rarely lacking. Once Celebrían's Stone goes on Théodred then questing becomes very straightforward. The Dúnedain Marks also help power Argalad, while the Dúnedain Warnings help Théoden take attacks when he needs to.

Gimli is there to provide reactive defense, so he can quest away but still be on hand if an enemy appears, attach Nor am I a Stranger for extra shenanigans. When something big and bag engages and there is no escaping it (see Return to Mirkwood/ Peril in Pelagir), then Sneak Attacking in Éomund allows for a hefty counter-attack.