Without a Song

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sappidus 509

Ent decks. Boring, right? Just spit out Ents as early as possible, then win on raw stats. This deck isn't really any different, but because it uses Treebeard's hero version, not the ally, it isn't as good provides a different take on the Ent flood.

@Libro Rojo has a nice take on this from which I take inspiration, but instead of his Song approach to bring in , I choose to use Thurindir for the excellent side quest The Storm Comes. Hero Treebeard provides some synergy with the ability to burst to complete the side quest right away, and the availability of Entmoot and Ent Draught from turn 1 is quite nice.

Mirlonde brings not just her insanely low starting threat in the mono- setting, but also her Silvan access to Lembas—it's such a good card with Treebeard that I've included Erebor Hammersmith just to recur it. (Also, in an Ent deck a handful of disposable but non-exhausted allies can be prudent.) A standard complement of healing effects that work well with Treebeard is also included.

Scroll of Isildur only recurs draw events, but when you play 4 Entmoots in a single phase, it feels pretty sweet. There is no resource acceleration (except Magic Ring, which would probbaly be better tasked towards readying Treebeard), so the deck continually presents you with tough spending decisions—when deciding, just don't be hasty, 'k?


Apr 09, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 237

This is a beautifully made deck, so thank you for that. As for function I've been testing with this deck recently and it has a solid performance and is easy to run. I did change some cards for personal favors (i swapped 1 self preservation for one Gather Information so I have a way to get magic ring if I don't draw it, it's basically an extra copy) overall i love this deck and enjoy playing with it

Apr 09, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 237

Side note in one of my games i did play entmoot four times in a phase and it felt great

Apr 10, 2018 sappidus 509

@SamthemanGamgee: I'm so glad you enjoy it! There are definitely flex spots, and it's certainly a fair idea to run another side quest in a Thurindir deck, especially if you're interested in the Ring. It would be rare to take the time to play two Self Preservations in a single game, so subbing a copy out is reasonable.

(It actually takes several turns for one to outdo Ioreth in terms of raw healing-for-cost anyway… I might swap a copy of the attachment for another of her, given that the tempo setback of using all your resources on a Self Preservation is accentuated in an Ent deck, where tempo is at a premium.)

Apr 10, 2018 The BGamerJoe 1449

Nice deck! Always good to see Hero Treebeard in an Ent deck! I got to play a few games with it and give it a spotlight on my blog: lotrdecktest.wordpress.com

Nicely done!