Fighty Flyin Power-Up Rangers

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Sam joins the Fighty Flyin Power-Up Rangers to stomp out evil and win the love of Rosie, his high school sweetheart.

Mablung + Aragorn is a common pairing, often with Pippin or Merry to keep threat low. For some reason Sam seems less popular here. Time to give him a chance to join the fun!

The theme of the deck is powering-up heroes with stacking boosts like Support of the Eagles, Rosie Cotton, Faramir, Sword that was Broken, and Halfling Determination. If your quest has high engagement enemies, or you can get Halbarad out, Sam will be readying and getting stacked boosts from his ability, while Mablung rakes in the cash.

Once you find some eagles, you can stack even greater boosts with Support of the Eagles. Paired with a shield and a Winged Guardian Mablung can have 8 . Aragorn can easily get 6 (effectively 7 with his ability). Boost Sam with Rosie Cotton+Sword that was Broken+Halfling Determination+Faramir and he jumps to 11 .

Replacing Horn with Steward will of course make the deck better. I use horn, but ignore the errata.

Playtest: I took this deck through Battle of the Five Armies and it was fantastic! Somehow I managed to go the entire game without revealing a location! I stomped them orcs good! (YMMV if you take this against a quest that actually requires any willpower...)

The main issues with this deck are readying and card draw. Any great ideas?