Bear Trap: Best Laid Traps of Bears and Men

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Devaresh 1210

The latest in my “how far can I push the boundaries of a trap deck” experiments. My previous iteration being a more thematic take using tactics Boromir:

Once I broke the proverbial glass ceiling for what hero I could use in my third spot I starting thinking about everyone’s favorite bear. I put in Beorn and went against Journey Down the Anduin, and then Escape From Umbar. I was surprised how well it worked!

I have this image of the rangers looking on with confusion as a giant bear rampages through the forest mauling orcs, then looking to Faramir who shouts, “Don’t look at me help the bear!” Needless to say it made for a very fun experience!

How does it play?

This is probably my most aggressive trap deck to date. Beorn being able to defend without exhausting and then throw back 5 on his own means you can engage and kill a lot of things as needed.

In your opening hand you want to see Master of the Forge, or Ranger Spikes to either immediately help card draw or questing. A 2 ally is also very good to help you hit the 6 threshold that I’ve found you really need.

While digging for attachments you ‘ll need to adjust priorities to the quest and the group you are playing with. Typical high value targets are Followed, and then Forest Snare. Wingfoot goes on Faramir to ready him for enemies if he quests.

You actually need to be more careful with your Followed targets if you want to keep them around. Because Beorn cannot be healed and will be taking damage, it puts you on a clock that will be counting down every time you defend. Honour Guard and Close Call can mitigate this, and Faramir can throw in some blocks with Gondorian Shield and A Burning Brand if needed in a pinch. If you get Magic Ring on him he can even help on defense and offense.

Resource smoothing comes in Gandalf, and Envoy of Pelargir to give us a little more and move a resource to Faramir. Threat is managed with Secret Vigil and Gandalf if need be.


This deck definitely throws initial questing to the wind. Without a good starting hand, it’s very unlikely you’ll get past turn 1 on something like Escape From Umbar. That being said once you are past that, this deck can be an absolute monster. There’s enough overlap and flexibility to do something with almost anything you might draw. This deck has been remarkably fun to play, and surprisingly good!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!