Binary Sunset: Twin Sons and Twilight

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Devaresh 1236

“Elladan and Elrohir were out upon errantry: for they rode often far afield with the Rangers of the North, forgetting never their mother's torment in the dens of the orcs.”

The Fellowship of the Ring, Many Meetings

I feature this deck in greater detail on my blog:

This has been a project I’ve been working on for the past couple months on and off, and I have finally gotten the deck to where I am quite pleased with it!

It is quickly climbing the ranks of my favorite decks of all time.

How does it play?

In your opening hand you are looking for the following 3 cards in order of importance: Elven-light, Zigil Miner, and Imladris Stargazer. These are the core engine of the deck which will help you cycle to what you need, and keep Elladan and Elrohir swimming with resources for combat. If I get Imladris Stargazer and Zigil Miner, then I won’t mulligan but the primary target is Elven-light.

The cost curve is low so you should be able to play most any card on any given turn without waiting, with only a couple exceptions. You can Zigil Miner pretty aggressively, and just call 2 or 1 if you aren’t able to set up with Imladris Stargazer. Will of the West can reshuffle your deck once you get low, and Stand and Fight can help you pull back one of those key allies to help you push forward.

The deck is balanced to be able to push toward any goal when needed, so the question is about priority. Do you need to crank out ? Focus on getting out your questers (Sailor of Lune and Ethir Swordsman). Is questing handled by someone else? Pump up the brothers with signals and other attachments. Anything you don’t need you can pitch for resources, there’s enough here where you can change course mid-quest as well!

Resources from Zigil Miner will be used for different things depending on the game state but they will be readying for the twins, healing for Dúnedain Remedy, or building up as needed.

The deck is highly modular and I can adjust from the sideboard pretty freely to adapt to a quest if it gives me any trouble. (I actually haven’t found it necessary yet, but it’s an option moving forward.)


This deck has proven remarkably resilient! The brothers handle combat extremely well and it can hammer out willpower when it needs to.

It plays well in single player and I’ve beaten everything so far that I’ve tried it against. It can play well in multiplayer as well if you focus on getting ranged and sentinel on the twins.

It’s not a “power deck”, but it can take on just about any quest. Even with bad starts I’m often able to dig out what I need to get through it.

And it’s fun! Really fun, like one of my new favorite decks fun.

If you want to hear about it in more detail check out that blog link! Give it a try and let me know what you think!


May 10, 2018 Mad Morderan 44

You deserve more likes for thus cool deck. I love the theme, and the title of the deck is worth a like all its own. Awesome stuff.

May 10, 2018 Devaresh 1236

Thanks @Mad Morderan! Glad you like the title! It makes me happy every time I look at it, and even more so because I have so much fun with the deck!

May 11, 2018 thanatopsis 6

The only thing wrong with this deck is that you posted it on the same day as Seastan's "The One Deck" :P

But don't worry, I'll be playing it. Great work!

May 11, 2018 Devaresh 1236

Thanks @thanatopsis! I laughed out loud when I read your comment! Hope you enjoy the deck!

Jun 23, 2018 velcrohead85 40

Just ran this against Flight of the Stormcaller. Really liked it. I'll probably swap out Raiment of War for either Rivendell Blade or Rivendell bow, though. Elladan didn't seem to be pulling his weight as much as the other two, and I'd rather have things that I can put on him.

Jun 23, 2018 Devaresh 1236

Glad you liked it @velcrohead85 It’s one of my personal favorites! I usually make that same swap from the side board, especially if there are beefier enemies like ships or bosses so that will help you a lot I’d say