The Last Debate

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Devaresh 1236

You can read more detail about this deck on my blog here:

“This then was the end of the debate of lords: that they should set forth on the second morning from that day with seven thousands, if they might be found...”

The Last Debate, The Return of the King

This deck is my first solid go at a mono-tactics deck and I was surprised to not find any deck in my search with this lineup! As I was building it I couldn’t help but think of the theme of this chapter in the books where the leaders of men rally together anyone they can muster in order to march on the Black Gate.

How does it play?

You have four potential ways of getting allies in play. You can quest successfully and put one in at discount with Hirgon. You can pull out an ally using Prince Imrahil. You can play Elfhelm from hand for one resource thanks to Théoden. Or if you trigger The Red Arrow in valour you will pull out another ally! This deck will amass allies very quickly, and does a decent job of keeping them around!

The strength of this deck is combat, plain and simple. However it boasts a starting willpower of 9! Most decks wish they could throw that out first round! The catch is that will be about as high as you go for the whole game...but if you manage enemies and locations well you shouldn’t need much more than that.

There are a couple important inclusions. Trained for War is very good in this deck, and allows for a few rounds of late game all out questing! Wait no Longer also can help in a pinch to prevent more threat from entering the staging area.

I have used every ally in the deck multiple times, and each one is an all star in the right situation. I love options, and this deck has plenty when it comes to combat!

Favor of the Valar is included for threat management along with Secret Vigil. Foe-hammer and Raiment of War are included for some extra card draw.

The one card you want to mulligan for is Legolas, but even if you don’t get him you should be just fine!


This deck punches hard. It is a combat focused deck. That being said it handles well both in multiplayer and solo, and it can put out some surprising questing numbers right out of the gate!

Using Prince Imrahil over Éowyn does increase our threat quite a bit, but we will be able to get our allies out quick enough to deal with the aggro.

If you want a stricter thematic version swap out the allies that don’t meet your preference with the ones on the side board. The deck should still run just fine!

If you haven’t tried mono-tactics now is the time! Either way give the deck a try and let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy and happy questing!


Jun 07, 2018 xmalc 19

Excellent deck - I've been thinking about making a mon-Tactics deck but I don't have Éowyn and most mono-Tactics decks really depend upon her stats and ability.

I don't have Hirgon either so I might adapt your build but instead use Core Legolas or Na'asiyah..?

Jun 07, 2018 Devaresh 1236

Thanks @xmalc! A big question is whether you want the deck to be able to function true solo or if you will be using it in a multiplayer setting with more questing power in another deck.

If you want to be able to use it solo then I would recommend Mablung if you have him. If it’s between Legolas and Na'asiyah for you though then I would potential lean toward Na'asiyah because she can fill the roll you fail to pull with Prince Imrahil.

In either case you’ll want to lower the cost curve of the allies in the deck because it was built with him in mind. Add some of the two cost allies and take out some of the four and three cost allies. Hope that helps!

Jun 10, 2018 Mortendall 230

Cool deck Devaresh! I tried something similar but with Boromir instead of Theoden, though I did consider swapping Theoden in. I generally went away from using Hirgon and Imrahil in the same built, as I found there was too much competition for resources from both of their abilities. I think the extra willpower you threw in really makes it functional. Cool deck!

Jun 10, 2018 Devaresh 1236

Thanks @Mortendall! I really enjoyed putting it together! I had the same problem with competition for resources when I first started building it. The key I found is in the 3 cost allies, so you can spend two with Hirgon and then have your resource for Prince Imrahil. Resources are still tight and you have to think a few turns ahead if you want to play bigger allies from hand but the deck is balanced to be able to use both abilities most turns which I think is why I enjoyed it so much!