The Shirefolk

Event. Cost: 0.

Play only if each of your heroes is a Hobbit.

Action: Reduce your threat by 4.

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." —Thorin Oakenshield, The Hobbit
Carmen Cianelli

Mount Gundabad #121. Neutral.

The Shirefolk

Review Summary: A highly cost-effective threat-reduction card; this powerful event is a major boost to hobbit decks

This card was a major boost to the hobbit archetype and is one of the top threat-reduction cards in the game. It is comparable in power to Elrond's Counsel, arguably even better, since it does not require any particular sphere to use. This is arguable the most powerful threat reduction in the game. This card is a major contributor to hobbit decks and is one of the key cards responsible for making hobbits a playable archetype; since it has no sphere eforcement, it should be an auto-include in any hobbit deck.

Hobbit decks tend to start the game with fairly low threat due to the low threat-cost of their heroes. Combining this with other forms of threat-reduction in a hobbit deck can easily get you down near zero threat where enemy characters have higher engagement cost than your threat. If you get it in your opening hand it will usually put you down to twenty threat or less, which allows you to immediately play your secrecy cards (e.g., first-turn use of Resourceful). This card combines well with Hobbit Pipe and Spare Pipe if playing with spirit. It also combines well with a wide range of hobbit effects that operate when you are engaged with an enemy with higher engagement cost than your threat (e.g., Pippin, Pippin, Tom Cotton, Gaffer Gamgee, Bywater Shirriff, Hobbit Cloak, Staff of Lebethron, Taste it Again!, In the Shadows).