BGG Solo League October

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GIBraag 15

The deck I landed on for the BGG solo league (October).

In this edition, we have to pilot one deck through three quests: Voyage Across Belegaer, Flight of the Stormcaller and Temple of the Deceived. As it helps for the tie-breaker, I used only cards from one core set and the Grey Havens/Dreamchaser cycle.

The deck has a ton of cheap allies for the sailing quests and can consistently beat FotSC in the third round.

Round one: play 2-3 allies. Use Denethor and 2 of them for sailing. Quest with CĂ­rdan, Galdor of the Havens, the ships and one 2-wp ally for 16 WP, beating the first stage in round 1.

It's critical to include an ally every questing phase, even if it's just a Snowbourn Scout, because of Man Overboard!

Round two and three: Keep pumping out weenies. Stay on course in rd 2, and put another 8 progress tokens on the quest. Close in round 3.

Lindon Navigator is the MVP for the sailing quests. If I don't have her in my starting hand, I use Galdor's power to discard Steward of Gondor etc, keeping only the other great allies like Henamarth Riversong, Ioreth and Dwarven Sellsword. Also I keep A Test of Will and Sneak Attack (and Gandalf, if I already have a SA). However, you can keep Steward to put on Galdor if you also have a bunch of Lore characters in your opening hand.

Will update after I finished Temple, but it should be easy enough with the extra resources to buff the Corsairs.

Edit: I made a last-minute swap of The Galadhrim's Greeting for For Gondor!, as in my testing I found the threat level could get a little too high too fast in Temple. For Gondor is nice to buff the little guys in that quest and take out the Temple Guardian, but the Corsairs don't need any help if you've fed them well.

Still have to figure out how I can edit the deck once it's published.


Oct 18, 2018 dalestephenson 1433

You can't edit the published deck, but you can edit the private deck you published and then publish a new version (2.0) of the deck.