Delving Into Moria - Into the Pit 2/2

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Purple Dain 8

This is the companion deck for the Lore/Leadership deck located here. I'm a little worried about card draw for this deck, but I'm hoping Gléowine from the first deck, along with some help from Ancient Mathom will be able to provide some assistance here.

Thalin will be questing to soften up enemies, and Éowyn quests to provide the higher willpower. When needed, Gimli is the combat master, taking undefended attacks to boost his damage output.

Resource generation comes from Horn of Gondor and Zigil Miner coupled with Hidden Cache. Song of Travel provides some resource stablization, as does A Good Harvest.

Bofur is there for a cheap willpower boost, and depending on how the game is progressing, I'll play him at different stages of the questing phase, sometimes when questing unsuccessfully in order to keep him in play indefinitely, all for the paltry sum of 1 resource.

Blade of Gondolin helps take care of some of the progress tokens, and can be helpful when dealing with the higher "cost" progress requirements.

I'm not super sure about Feint, but at this point I felt like I was running out of cards in my collection that contributed to my attempt at dwarven synergy.

I'll take any help or recommendations for improvements too, any way I can learn more about sound strategy is a bonus for future playthroughs.