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Rangers. Rangers and Traps
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Dec 03, 2018 Alonewolf87 100

If you really like resources consider also Proud Hunters. Also is the Master Ironsmith really worth it with only 2 cards he can help put into play?

Dec 03, 2018 CashmereHammer 4

@Alonewolf87 Thanks for the comments! We don't have the Harad cycle yet, but Proud Hunters may be an inclusion once we do! We're basically missing all of the hard to find cards at the moment (Dwarrowdelf cycle, a couple of boxes), but the Harad cycle is next on the list to start picking up since there isn't anything else we can buy at the moment.

Master Ironsmith was inclusion I think earlier on when I had somethings like Ancestral Armor included. Definitely not worth it as you say with only the 2 cards to utilize his ability.

I played this deck last night (Quest: The Three Trials) and there were a few major notes:

1) I had PLENTY of resource generation. I couldn't even spend most of my resources, since I couldn't quite get my higher cost cards to pop up in my deck. Likely going to include Parting Gifts in the next iteration.

2) While I was able to handle defense quite well, I felt lacking in offense. I was relying on my partners Ranged abilities to take down things as needed. So I've added DĂșnedain Mark already to the list, and I may add some harder hitting allies like Knight of the White Tower or Knight of Minas Tirith or Fornost Bowman.

3) I could have used some card draw as well. With the quest we did Follow Me! would have been huge as I could have handled the bigger enemies much easier than the others (plus I could have gotten more resources for Mablung). There are a couple of other card draw cards that I could throw in there that I will look at as well.

4) Also considering DĂșnedain Signal which would work wonders with Hold Your Ground!

So overall, I think I'm going to dial back the resource generation and boost either some attack power or card draw.

(Aside: Legolas and Arod are in the sideboard because someone else was running them)