Bullroar's Legacy

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RogueWraith 96

The Dúnedain aren't the only game in town that like to have enemies engaged with them. This deck pairs the typical Dúnedain engagement shenanigans with a surprisingly versatile squad of fighting, defending, questing Hobbits.

Opening Hand

You'll want a defense booster in the opening hand, ideally Hobbit Cloak, although Rosie Cotton or Entangling Nets can help a lot. Beyond that, an ally or two are nice to see.


From the first round, you want to engage an enemy with higher engagement cost and keep it engaged all game if possible. Not only does Pippin help draw cards, but it activates Tom Cotton's ability. This allows you to start playing out Hobbit allies early, who serve primarily as questers. Raise the Shire is highly effective at getting them in hand. You can use the Hobbit's boosted to weaken an enemy, but don't kill any yet!

Round two goes much the same. The second enemy doubles Amarthiúl's resource generation, making it trivial to play any Hobbit. Either defend it with Amarthiúl, or use Outmatched or Fast Hitch to double up with Tom.

Round three sets the stage for the rest of the game. You want to engage a third enemy, so you will need to have some defense available. Either double up with Tom and Amarthiúl, or have Eldahir, Guardian of Arnor, or someone else ready to roll. After defending, its time to counterattack. With whoever is available, kill off the most threatening of the three foes.

From this point, just repeat the basic strategy. Keep at least two enemies around, but dispatch any others as quickly as possible.

Other Cards

Halbarad is a key card, hence three copies. He doesn't do anything for Pippin or the conditional trigger on Raise the Shire, sadly, but he does keep Hobbit Cloak and Tom's ability active.

Speaking of Raise the Shire, this card is gold. The trigger is easy to get, and it lets the deck get away with only a handful of Hobbit allies. Even if you don't use the Hobbit to attack, you've basically spent one resource to search your deck. Farmer Maggot is, of course, the best Hobbit to raise.

Guard the Bounds, Raise the Shire!

This has easily become one of my favorite decks to use. Its great in combat, good in questing, has moving parts but also has the card draw and resources to ensure they happen. It was even able to handle Pippin's early departure several times. Happy Shiring!


Jan 11, 2019 Alonewolf87 109

Well I actually think that Halbarad can help with Pippin or Raise the Shire since it's second effect is a passive ability that will be already active when you play the Response of Pippin and Raise the Shire and that +10 can bring the enemy engagement cost easily over your threat once more.

Jan 11, 2019 Bullroarer Took 58

Gottta upvote this on the name alone.

Jan 11, 2019 RogueWraith 96

@Alonewolf87If that's true, Halbarad is even better. I wasn't sure of the timing though. I thought the enemy might need to fully engage, beyond the response window, before Halbarad took effect. Is there an FAQ or Ruling about it?

Jan 12, 2019 Alonewolf87 109

Both Pippin and Raise the Shire are Responses that come into play "after you engage an enemy" which means that in that moment the enemy is already engaged with you. And as soon as the enemy is engaged Halbarad's passive ability comes into play before the Responses, since the order of priority (per the FAQs) is passive ability -> Forced effects -> Responses -> Actions (if possible). It's the same basic concept that lets you better abuse Caldara when you have Prince Imrahil.