The Dale Militia 1/2

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Denison 328

My goal was to build a two-handed Dale-centered fellowship. This team is responsible for flooding the board with allies and arming them with the appropriate attachments in order to give them their boosts.

The problem this deck faces on its own is a lack of card draw. The accompanying deck ( provides the Dales with three extra cards each round to address that need.

Definitely mulligan for King of Dale. Another priority is finding one of the leadership allies and a Hauberk of Mail to establish an early defender.

17 cards in the deck cost two resources so those will be the prime target for the Long Lake Fisherman.

The long-term goal is to get the Guardian of Esgaroths amped up with three attachments including a Wild Stallion. With the help of Cirdan and his ring from the other team, the Guardians can get up to 6/6/6/5 stats, not to mention likely boosts from Squire's Helm and Hauberk of Mail that can get him to 6/6/7/7. There are only 2x Guardians because there aren't that many attachments to go around. Similarly, there are only 2x Knights due to lack of resources. Even with Traffic of Dale triggering double-digit resources, there is a lot to pay for in this deck.

Expect the deck to run dry after about 9-10 rounds.


Jan 16, 2019 Alonewolf87 203

No Spare Hood and Cloak for readying shenanigans? Or due to the lack of Long Lake Trader you feel they would be of too little use?

Jan 16, 2019 Denison 328

Spare Hood and Cloak is in the other deck, with targets including North Realm Lookout and Brand son of Bain. Long Lake Trader fails to make the cut here due to no Lore hero and there is typically a better target for King of Dale.