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Starter for Dale (Single Core + Wilds of Rhovanion) 96 74 12 1.0
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tamhas 30

Includes some cards beyond the Starter for Dale deck as my card pool has grown. However the instructions for that are still valid - Mulligan for King of Dale, play attachments and draw as many cards as you can. Swapped out Beravor for Éowyn because I designed this for a fellowship where Beravor was in the other deck (see my Daledain fellowship).

I'm finding Dale a lot of fun and it was great for me as a new player because it got me a powerful deck early on and allowed me to do well against quests that I was struggling with before. Now I'm enjoying taking and expanding this deck and putting it together with other decks.

I'm proxying 2 extra Unexpected Courage since I only have one core set. If you don't want to do that, then add in some of the cards from the sideboard instead.