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tamhas 12

Built this deck specifically for playing against Journey up the Anduin. However, I've played it against a few other quests while testing and tweaking it and it's performed well.

It's a Dunedain side quest deck, so use Thurindir to get Gather Information during setup. Then when you've cleared that get Keep Watch to reduce the attack of all enemies engaged with you.

Use entangling nets and forest snare to keep enemies engaged with you. Use Armored Destrier on Amarthiúl to defend attacks and discard shadows. Use Rivendell Minstrel to get Song of Wisdom on Amarthiúl and then A Burning Brand to never have to deal with shadows and safely keep as many enemies engaged with you as you can.

I love playing Sarn Ford Sentry and drawing 5 cards each time I do :) Thalion is also great in this deck. Every time I've played he's become a hero. I've had lots of fun playing this deck, it was also designed to be part of a fellowship. See my Daledain fellowship.