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TritonWreck 248

Bard, meet Elrond. He can pay for any allies. Elrond, meet Bard. He can pay for any items. Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?

Yes, another Dale deck. I'm surprised I haven't seen this trio yet for the reason above (maybe it's the high starting threat?) The deck does well to smooth out resources and I find that it's less dependent on King of Dale.

You can change out some allies as needed. Knight of Dale and Wiglaf may be the first to go for something like Redwater Sentry. And the attachments can be rearranged based on what you need. Guardian of Esgaroth is amazing with Valiant Determination and Wild Stallion. It's fun to quest for 15-18 willpower without exhausting any characters (with North Realm Lookout).

The events provide the deck with gas when it's sputtering out, either card draw or resources. The cheap hero attachments are mostly for card draw with Brand's ability or to feed King of Dale but also combine with other features like Elrond's healing or to use Cram after some Peace and Thought. (Vilya taking a back seat to Cram? Crazy)

I've played another Bard and Elrond deck with a tactics hero that takes advantage of Bard's second ability of returning attachments. Where you don't have to feel reluctant about putting a Spear of the Citadel on a Gondorian Spearman or a weapon on a Silvan ally you'll just bring back to your hand later. Overall Bard is a very versatile hero and Dale is just a fun deck type to play which is probably why there are so many of those decks out there.


Mar 19, 2019 The BGamerJoe 4204

Great idea! I recently thought of this combo as well so its good to see someone put it together.

I got to play a few quests with your deck and wrote up some thoughts on my experience on my blog:

Nice work!