Daily Challenge - Goat Girl GooGoo Goggles

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Shellin 41

Daily Challenge #2 - Play The Battle of Lake-town using a deck where every hero and ally starts with the letter G.

Big G, little g, what begins with G? Gandalf, Gloin, Glorfindel. G...g..G.

I'm glad that the restriction was reduced to just allies and heroes, because my first few attempts with an All-G Deck were hysterically unsuccessful (though it was fun to try to build something like that). Ultimately, this deck worked fairly well despite the letter restriction. I had a couple of blowout losses, a few near misses, then finally managed to beat the quest with 19 points in the victory display (thanks to 2x Flame of Anor) vs 18 damage on Lake-town.

I decided on my hero lineup fairly early in the process, and just stuck with it throughout. Glóin doesn't end up being super useful, since I didn't actually include any way to beef up his total HP, and don't have too much healing. Gildor Inglorion might be more useful, but I don't have the 2p starter, so I couldn't give him a go (although I certainly had no issues whatsoever with card draw even without him).

As far as actually playing the quest went, I relied primarily on chump blocking to keep Smaug from taking out my heroes when he showed up in his most powerful forms, and then used Gandalf (with pre-errata A Burning Brand) to handle when he was able to get fully operational with all of his attachments. Hasty Stroke was incredibly helpful to prevent some terrible shadow effects before Gandalf can handle the attacks.

Questing power was a little bit of an issue, since not many G allies can contribute. Asfaloth was vital to chip away at the locations to prevent me from being location locked. Since there isn't much willpower available, I had to choose to have Smaug engaged instead of in staging for the majority of the game. Getting lucky and avoiding location lock on the first few turns while building up the board is what finally allowed me to beat the quest.

Thanks to Gandalf, Gléowine, and Expert Treasure-hunter I had more than enough cards in hand to be able to take full advantage of The Old Thrush. Giant Bear and Gildor Inglorion are in the deck to be used as targets for Flame of Anor, allowing Gandalf and Glorfindel to swing for 11 and ignore Smaug's defense.


May 08, 2019 Seastan 24098

Well done!

May 09, 2019 Wandalf the Gizzard 1245

That’s impressive!