Daily Challenge - Silvan Purple Balrog Beaters

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Shellin 41

Daily Challenge #3 - Play Journey in the Dark using a Mono-Leadership Deck

I'm going through the game progression style and have only played quests released up through the end of The Ring-Maker Cycle. Out of all the quests I have actually played, Journey in the Dark has been my favorite. So, I was quite pleased to see it show up so early in the Daily Challenge Era.

Mono-Leadership actually had significantly more options than I was originally anticipating, and it was a struggle to decide on what I wanted to do. I've played enough Dwarves and Outlands to know that I wanted to stay away from them for this quest, so I narrowed it down to a Gondor Swarm, Silvan, or Dunedain. Ultimately, I decided on Silvans, because I really enjoy the play-style and haven't had the chance to actually use Thranduil yet.

Celeborn was an obvious second hero, and I decided on Balin to round out the company, purely for thematic reasons. His access to shadow cancellation, and card draw through Unlikely Friendship and King Under the Mountain, proved to be incredibly valuable, despite the fact that we spent a decent bit of time killing orcs on his grave. With Lord of Morthond and Legolas in addition to what Balin brings to the table, I had more than enough card draw to completely empty my deck on a few attempts.

Despite his cost, Orophin was probably the MVP of this deck, and a regular target for The Elvenking, Elf Guide or Feigned Voices. Being able to recover any allies that we discarded with Balin, A Very Good Tale, or fed as a chump to the Balrog was super helpful.

There are a few treacheries (and a Cave Troll if it shows up too early) that can really mess up Silvans with their low HP, so Frodo Baggins from The Black Riders is the obvious choice for the Hero. I ended up including Defender of the Naith so that he has something to spend his resources on other than cancellation.

While certainly not as effective as a deck that includes Galadriel or access to , I think these purple Silvans (and ghost of Balin) were ultimately quite effective. This was my favorite daily challenge so far, seeing that it gave me the option to mess around with and create a deck that isn't just viable for the challenge, but is quite fun to play.


May 11, 2019 McDog3 397

Balin to round out the company, purely for thematic reasons.

That reason being that he's a wayward spirit visiting his own grave? ;)

I really like this hero lineup, Balin seems like he will synergize perfectly with Thranduil and gives access to Unlikely Friendship. I have not tried mono- Silvans, but this gives me some inspiration to try it out.

When I was building for the challenge I realized just how much "off-sphere" ability has access to. The deck I settled on focused on Harad + Outlands, but it would be amusing to add Thranduil to that mix for a multiplayer setting - play non- allies of three factions!

May 11, 2019 ShellinProgression 432

@McDog3 Silvan, Outland, and Harad in the same deck would be a sight to see! I really like the deck you used for this challenge as well, I took a run at the quest with it and it was a lot of fun.