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eldub 512

So, been trying to find a way to play a mono Deck that isn’t just an Outlands or Gondor ally-vomit deck. This one is what I came up with, and it’s been very strong and effective at its job. Obviously this deck cannot do much on its contributes some resources and a bit of , but the rest of the deck is completely dedicated to action advantage and some resource acceleration for other players. Other than Frodo Baggins and the occasional (but always temporary) Gandalf — along with Steward of Gondor (which is here to just power Gildor Inglorion’s card draw to find more support cards — there aren’t many conflicts with characters, so the idea is just to load up the table with resources and just use bomb readying effects to get the most out of other characters at the table. Tome of Atanatar for an extra Sneak Attack for a Greenwood Archer is always a welcome sight, plus the 2 with Ranged ain’t bad. also, the book allows for massive tempo swings with pretty much all the events. The sideboard is there for personal preference. Some folks don’t dig Legacy of Númenor, but it’s insanely powerful. Anyway, have fun with it. Obviously designed as a support deck in 3-4 players.


Sep 05, 2019 eldub 512

Just wanted to say that I like this deck almost as much as my mono cancel/recursion deck.