First Stab at a Lothiriel Deck

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Sfrug 329

This is an early draft for a deck with the newly-spoiled hero from The City of Ulfast, Lothiriel. It's just a sketch; I haven't played with it yet. In this deck, Caldara is a proxy for her (same sphere, same threat cost), and Dwarrowdelf Axe is a proxy for the new War Axe.

The idea here is simple enough. Lothiriel quests, puts an ally into play during the quest phase; the ally then is shuffled into the deck at the end of the phase. With the ally leaving play, Éomer gets +2 attack until the end of the round. Théoden is there to lower the cost of allies you do play.

The deck is strong in questing and attack, weaker in defense. So to help Théoden (who will probably be defending by default), we have Golden Shield, Gondorian Shield, Desperate Defense and Snowmane (which lets him quest as well). Arwen Undómiel can also help him, as well as be put into play with Lothiriel's ability.

To boost Éomer's attack we have the new War Axe and Firefoot; between those and the boost from Eomer's own ability, he should attack for 9 once all set up.

The rest of the allies are chosen for their enter/leave play abilities, plus their general utility in quest and defense. Of particular note: if you put Damrod into play, and then discard him in the action window between the resolving of the quest and the end of the phase, he'll lower your threat. Envoy of Pelargir will add a resource to a hero's pool upon being put into play. Éomund will ready all Rohan characters, and especially useful ability, so he is x3 despite being unique. Not as good, but aslo very good, is Westfold Horse-Breaker, who can be discarded to ready hero. Escort from Edoras will quest for 4 (although will discard before being shuffled back). Westfold Horse-breeder will help you find Firefoot and Snowmane — although she will be free with Theoden's ability, so you might as well just play her. For those of the above who need to be discarded to do their ability, or who will be discarded before Lothiriel re-shuffles them into your deck, Gamling can exhaust to get them back.

Mustering the Rohirrim will get allies for you if you don't have any in hand. You can use Ride to Ruin (in that same, post-quest resolution, pre-end-of-phase action window) to discard an ally Lothiriel brought into play to place progress on a location.

There are probably lots of tricks I didn't think of, but those are the ones that seemed best to me. In the sideboard are cards I considered & didn't find room for (and I'm heavy as it is). It might also be useful to include the forthcoming Knight of Belfalas in order to get back Damrod and Envoy of Pelargir, whom Gamling can't keep.

Comments & ideas welcome.


Sep 14, 2019 Nostal 1

I think Faramir (Shadow in the east) is a great idea in a Lothiriel deck. She's a very inspiring hero for sure !