On the Burglar’s Turn, Everything* Costs 2

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Sfrug 295

This began as an attempt to make a deck which just dumped cheap allies, as many as possible. Obviously I was taking a hint from Seastan here (not for the first time, either). But it seemed like a good idea.

It was only later, when I realized I only had one attachment anyway, that I thought of making it into a Burglar's Turn deck. Which is why I think it actually works as a Burglar's Turn deck: since they're not reliable as such (you can't count on getting anything in particular out, or in any particularly timely fashion), the way to do this is just make a good deck and treat any attachments you happen to get as gravy. (This was not, incidentally, the first Burglar's Turn to use these heroes — once I started testing it, I came across two others—but I think the approach is different. (For that matter, I myself took an earlier stab at a Burglar's turn contract too; but this version is a lot more fun.)

So: mulligan for Zigil Miner. Toss a card to Arwen to get out a spirit card; get out a lore card with Erestor & Haldan's resources; mine if you've found a miner and get one more out. Then you can repeat this every round (one spirit, one lore, one other, tossing the fourth) — until you get another miner. Use the Stargazer to make sure you don't lose your last Will of the West to a mining accident. Except for that card, everything costs two; you should have enough resources.

And then, if you happen to get some attachments, yay! Willpower boosts go on Arwenl (if you get more, then you can put some on Haldan too); defense goes on Erestor; and attack on Haldan. I wish that there were more defense boosts that Erestor was able to take, but chump blocking can help, as can Loyal Hound.

The attachments in the sideboard are for the Burglar's Deck, obviously. The allies in the sideboard are other ones I might consider, or tried, but which mostly weren't necessary. If the quest has a bad condition attachment, you should swap in Miner of the Iron Hills. If there are a lot of locations, you might consider swapping in either Long Lake Trader (for attachment optimization) or Woodland Courier. I'm also toying with swapping out The Evening Star — it seems like it should be a good fit, but I haven't actually been using it much.

Cards that might be good to work in once they're available: Odo Proudfoot (another unique for The Arkenstone); Knight of Belfast (2); Stone of Elostirion (+2, in case someone else wants one of the others).

Known weaknesses: not a lot of cancellation; minimal threat reduction; vulnerable to ally-hate. But that leaves a lot of quests that it can be used with — and it's fun to play.