Wandering Grizzly Bear

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Why play Grimbeorn the Old with The Grey Wanderer?

The Grey Wanderer is a panacea, It works on almost every hero. And I like hero Grimbeorn the Old, So I have a try.

My Grimbeorn deck is a three color deck(which this deck Derived from),and it's my prototype model of Grimbeorn deck building.If I search a Song of Kings when setup, I still can play all my key attachment.I also can play my most important card draw engine Master of the Forge by playing first card without resource match.After all, one hero deck is fun, isn't it?

There are more advantage of the contract. Contract offer a extra ready, healing ability and more resource(I just mean I can use all 3 resource trigger grimbeorn's ability instead of 1 of 3).Low start threat allow me use use Resourceful for more resource. I can use Unexpected Couragebu contract for more ready which is quite hard in previous three color deck without .

How to mulligan

Search Song of Kings when setup, if you lucky enough to draw Song of Kingsalready, search for Captain of Gondor. Otherwise,search whatever you like.Search Strength and Courage for The One Ring,Grimbeorn the Old is OK to take a bit damage,but we need to destory the enemy(especially you play a guarded attachment).

Mulligan for Master of the Forge. this deck can run with no extra resource but can't run with no extra attachment, by the way,Master of the Forge can search for Resourceful.If there is no Master of the Forge in starting hand, you may use your first The King's Return to search for Glamdring.

How to play

The ideal ultimate form of Grimbeorn the Old is:

The One Ring+Inner Strength+Strength and Courage+3x Resourceful+3x Unexpected Courage+3x Dúnedain Mark+3x Dúnedain Warning+Hauberk of Mail+Captain of Gondor+Golden Belt+Magic Ring+Durin's Axe+Orcrist+The Day's Rising+Song of Kings.

Rune-master and The Day's Rising is for more resource, so if you have enough Resourceful,they are not necessary. One Resourceful is enough for lowest requirement, two is totally totally enough for most time. The Day's Rising is special because it ensure you have resource after defending.

Orcrist is the key card of this deck. This card means you needn't pay grimbeorn's ability cost if you destory the enemy while strike back. So the key after you attach Orcrist is can you destory any enemy by one attack and how many times can Grimbeorn defend. So please use your first The King's Return to search it. And for most time you use Master of the Forge, choose a add attack attachment first.almost all enemy has attack less than 7,but there are too many enemy need more than 12 attack to destory them by 1 attack.

Unexpected Courage is a little bit like Resourceful,for most time, 1-2 is enough,but more is always better. There are not that much enemy for defend and kill, and we have so much ready event. When there are too much enemy ,just play Hour of Wrath and kill them all.

Taste it Again! is a new tech for The Grey Wanderer,this event can ready your hero and give him +2 for strike back. Most big enemy have a high engage level so it usually works.

what's more

This deck has no will power, so this deck can't solo and works well with a willpower deck. And this deck act great in quest with many enemy.Or a 3-4 player game.

If your friend need The One Ring system,just exchange all master card with side board.

Have fun and destory all enemy!