Defend? What means to defend?

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wehehe 812

This is a completely "random" deck. I haven't tested and I don't know if it will work or not. It's just a crazy idea I got since a few days, and I like to share it and see if it can evolve into something interesting.

The main idea of the deck is to almost absolutely forget about defending. Having a relatively low threat, and great Willpower since the start of the game, you should be able to manage a few rounds without engaging an enemy, allowing you to setup your engine.

Once you have two good allies in your discard pile, and a Prince Imrahil in your hand, commit Lothiriel to quest, put Prince Imrahil into play, and once the quest is resolved, sacrifice Caldara to bring back two of your allies. As you nou have a hero in your discard pile, Imrahil is no longer an ally, but a hero, so it will not leave game at the end of the quest phase.

A big enemy engages you? Take an undefended attack on Imrahil, and recover it with a Dwarven Tomb, rinse and repeat. Map of Earnil are there for more uses of it.

Some allies have 2 attack to let you finish enemies fast, also Éowyn, with Herugrim equipped, will let you finish your enemies fast.

The allies in the deck are mostly with Gondor or Noble trait, just to let you use them with Lothíriel, and also allow recycling them with Knight of Belfalas (I think White Tower Watchman deserve special menction, as they can be recycled too with Knight of Belfalas, allowing you to take even more undefended attacks.

As I said, I have no idea at all of whether this will work, or will be just a freak stupid experiment, but at least I think it will be fun to give it a try.


Feb 14, 2020 ellipticaltable 52

You can actually loop Imrahil forever, by using a Dwarven Tomb to recycle Map of Earnil.