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This deck is a individual version of spirit part of followship Path of Need

I like the idea to implant a combo in a classic mono spirit deck:It's a deck for quest, but can do something excited more.Today's idea is about Path of Need:Use Lothíriel+West Road Traveller to switch location with Path of Need,and try to draw them from deck each turn. So that all heroes do not exhaust to attack, defend, or commit to a quest(just some of them).

My friend like my idea,so we build a fellowship to start combo ASAP.But what I want is a mono spirit deck can just start combo at middle of the game, but less restriction for partner:All I need is that one of my partner use a Eomer.For other situation,I also prepare a sideboard.

If your partner use Éomer and need Nenya——Herugrim combo:

-3 Envoy of Pelargir;-1 Gather Information;+2 Herugrim;+2 Nenya.

If none of your partner use Eomer:

-3 Envoy of Pelargir;+3 Nor am I a Stranger.

If you think Unexpected Courage is useless,or any other card,change it to Dunedain Pathfinder.


Feb 20, 2020 Alonewolf87 1585

I think the combo Lothíriel + West Road Traveller does not work, since West Road Traveller specifically says "play" while Lothíriel says "put into play" and the two things are quite different. Basically Lothiriel's ability is good to trigger any "enters play" effect, but not the "play from the hand" effects.