Grimbeorn's Magic Blade

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Jfrug 38

Combat deck meant to play with a questing deck, ideally one which can give this a bit of extra card draw and/or readying.

Mulligan for either Orcrist or The King's Return to pull out Orcrist. Once you have Orcrist, Grimbeorn can defend and use his resource to attack back with his ability (for 5 plus -2); most enemies will fall to this, which will let him recoup his resource with orcrist.

Éowyn and Sam Gamgee quest every round for 7. Eowyn has her godkill mode in reserve, and Sam will sometimes ready to help defend/attack given the low starting threat (which is actually 25 with Eowyn's ability).

After you get Orcrist, try to attach defense/attack bonuses to Grimbeorn: Captain of Gondor, Dúnedain Warning and (in the sideboard, or in another player's deck) Gondorian Shield. Attach the Steward to Grimbeorn to help pay for the beorning allies.

If another deck can give you Unexpected Courage, you can consider swapping in Gondorian Shield for Rohan Warhorse. Once you're set up, every ready gets you both an attack and a defense with the cost recouped if you kill the enemy. This is also available to help other players, since Grimbeorn is sentinel.

Errand-rider is for resource smoothing in the early game and resource sharing later on. Faramir can help with questing. Gandalf and Sneak Attack are used as needed. The tactics events can be used as necessary to help in battle or (for Foe-hammer) for card draw.


Feb 20, 2020 Sfrug 289

My son & I have had a lot of fun with this deck (which is entirely his design & is really awesome). I'm glad he's finally publishing it!

Feb 21, 2020 Beorn 8893

I give this deck two paws, way up! Orcrist on Grimbeorn is excellent, especially with Rohan Warhorse for the readying.

Feb 21, 2020 死锁 257

Nice deck! also quite like Grimbeorn deck,and I have a little suggestion.

1.Hauberk of Mail is always better for Grimbeorn the Old compare with the third Dúnedain Warning.

2.If your system (Rohan Warhorse and Orcrist) is base on Grimbeorn the Old can kill the enemy, why not add more Dúnedain Mark to add more attack? 3+2+2+1 is not much.

3.Golden Belt is good for Grimbeorn if you have that pack.

4.Unique card or card only first one is useful is too much.

Dec 29, 2020 Truck 250

@Jfrug Publish more decklists! I think you have it in you.