Aragorn's angels

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Doublecaster 23

This is the deck of Arwen and Éowyn competing for Aragorn's heart.

This deck can do it all, quest, defend and attack! You want to draw Defender of Rammas and Erebor Guard as defenders, while you quest with Arwen and Éowyn. You can then kill the monsters with Aragorn, Pippin and Dúnedain Hunter

You want to get Snowmane and Golden Shield for Éowyn so she will be able to quest and block.

Light of Valinor is for Arwen so you can use Tale of Tinúviel, other than that she doesn't do much, but at least you finally have a heroe that you can happily exhaust for encounter effects.


Mar 24, 2020 askelad 99


Mar 24, 2020 Feelyat 48

Just FYI, the link in your deck description points to the spirit hero Pippin instead of the intended tactics ally Pippin.

Mar 31, 2020 Yleinen 2

@FeelyatThanks, I'll fix that later

Mar 31, 2020 Doublecaster 23

@FeelyatI'll fix that later. It seems if I want to fix a typo like that I need to publish a new version :(