Hunting Victory (Epic Annuminas)

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Nhoj4 18

This is the deck Nhoj4 will be playing in the epic multiplayer Siege of Annuminas on 3-27-20.

This is a pretty straight forward Three Hunters deck that tries to have a lot of questing and combat potential right out of the gate. Arwen and Eowyn provide 7 questing immediately, with more if you draw Windfola or Silver Circlet in your opening hand. Grab Inner Strength with the One Ring and get it into play immediately on Grimbeorn to make him a solid defender. The deck is made to be part of the group playing at stages 1A - 3A, where questing is of utmost important in the early game.

Attachments you should mulligan for are Silver Circlet, Windfola, and Snowmane to get early questing power going. For Gimbeorn, I would suggest getting an early Rohan Warhorse and Dagger of Westernesse, as they are cheap and both playable in the first round. The final form of each hero should be as follows:

Gimbeorn: Golden Belt, Dagger of Westernesse, 2 Rohan Warhorse, Strength and Courage, Inner Strength, War Axe

Eowyn: Golden Belt, Windfola, Snowmane, War Axe, Herugrim

Arwen: Golden Belt, 2 Steed of Imladris, Silver Harp, Silver Circlet

Put two Unexpected Courage on Grimbeorn and one on Eowyn. That way you can make the most of Eowyn's impressive 14 attack every turn (1 base + 9 from Herugrim + 4 from War Axe)

Check out the streams if you like:

5:30pm PDT / 8:30pm EST / 12:30am GMT (Saturday) / 11:30am AEDT (Saturday)

Table 1 (including me):

Table 2:

Table 3:

You can also join the Discord server to discuss the event while it’s happening: