Ents - ready those trees!

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warlock000 1096

Gríma allows you to play Treebeard on turn one (mulligan if you don't draw it during setup).

Faramir's ability will ready one of the exhausted Ent cards you just played (which basically takes care of the biggest drawback of the Ent trait - instant exhaustion). Same goes for Ever Vigilant and Treebeard (once he collects some resources).

Mablung, Keys of Orthanc and good old Steward of Gondor should take of all of the resources you'll ever need.

If you need an extra protection to build your early-game board presence, feel free to swap e.g. Elf-stone and Wingfoot for 2x Gondorian Shield.

If your gaming group absolutely refuses to play with anyone abusing the "Doomed" keyword or if you simply need more healing capabilities and some action advantage, swap Gríma and 2x Keys of Orthanc for Elrond and 2x Lembas, it should work just fine (Elrond gives a great boost to all your healers).

Tried this deck both in solo and 2-player games and it's a lot of fun ;).


Mar 29, 2020 BeestThouNotInHaste 184

Grima paired up with ally Treebeard is so underrated: having him ready by turn 2 instead of turn 3 is a huge benefit (well, turn 1 in this deck). I've noticed whenever I play Mablung with ents, I tend to build up a lot of spare resources with him, do you usually encounter this "problem"? If so, what do you do with the spare resources?

Mar 29, 2020 warlock000 1096

Good point - if the resources on Mablung kept keep piling up consistently, I would definitely add one or two more Errand Riders and just transfer those resources to other player(s). In a solo game though you may add two copies of Gondorian Fire - you would really boost Mablung's attack ;).

Mar 29, 2020 BeestThouNotInHaste 184

@warlock000 I'd forgotten about Errand Rider, that does work well. Gondorian Fire would probably be overkill, given that Booming Ent is already hitting so hard.

Mar 29, 2020 warlock000 1096

@BeestThouNotInHaste yes, there are definitely better ways to use those resources in this deck, it should have enough offensive power from all those allies. More Errand Riders would be me #1 pick I think - other players will be thankful ;).