Beorn Airstrike

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Meneldor the Phoenix
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The Purple Wizard 849

This is deck 2 of the Meneldor the Phoenix fellowship.

Beorn and eagles! We can all thank Peter Jackson for this delightful combo, but it works surprisingly well in this game as well. Beorn provides the best early-game combat around and the eagles are some of the best once they've built up.

This is a pretty straightforward deck. Hirgon quests and buys cheap allies, Brand son of Bain quests except when you need to play a Foe-hammer, and Beorn provides a safety valve and early defense for the whole table. Buy all the eagles you can and power up Eagles of the Misty Mountains. Keep in mind your Eagles of the Misty Mountains can grab eagles leaving play from the other players, or if the other eagle deck gets one out first it can do the same.

A few of your cards are here for other decks. Grappling Hook is for Gimli. Rohan Warhorse is for Legolas, though if he's already got two you can put them wherever you want. The Horn of Gondor is for you! With Meneldor trying to die each round you should get plenty of value out of it.

Tom Bombadil is actually a proxy for Wilyador, who is not out just yet.