Hunting Shelob

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Shelob's Nightmare
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The Purple Wizard 719

This my deck for the nightmare version of Shelob's Lair in the Nightmare Campaign Chad and I are doing.

Chad's deck has plenty of combat so I moved away from using Haldir as a sniper in this deck and focused on finding ways to directly damage Shelob so we can take her down quickly. Ranger Bow can knock resources off her quickly so I've got three of those and six different targets for it (Ithilien Tracker, 3 Northern Trackers, Mablung, and Haldir of Lórien himself). Haldir also gets a Keen Longbow and Glamdring (the boon from the campaign, not the guarded one you see here).

There is a ton of random discarding of cards in this quest, so finding a Silver Harp early on is a priority.

Stand and Fight is here to grab a defensive ally from Erestor's discard pile, probably an eagle.