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kobeljic 185

Mulligan for Steward of Gondor and put it on Prince Imrahil. You'll want to use his ability almost every time you have an enemy to fight. Allies can be paid for, but with some good draws you'll cheat the expensive ones in instead.

Most of the events cost 2 or less, so you should be able to play them without being limited by resources. Give higher priority to buying attachments since multiple events target heroes only and allow them to attack or quest out of usual order, so you want them to buff up. Rohan Warhorse works great on every hero, maybe prefer Firefoot for √Čomer.

Elfhelm drives this synergy, giving bonuses to all characters with mounts. Combined with other deck, there should be around 10 mounts in both decks, so it's quite likely you'd have them set up. Just giving Firefoot to Eomer boosts his attack to 8 (since his ability triggers every round).

If you get stuck with no cards in your hand, add some copies of Prepare for Battle.