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Marcelf 1283

I couldn't win Under the Ash Mountains with my usual decks. So here is a deck designed to beat it consistently in solo.

Mulligan for Prince Imrahil, put him in play with Lothíriel, discard Caldara to make him a hero and put 3 spirit allies in play. You only need to have 3 more allies in play to flip the contract, which is not hard with free allies like Galion and Emery, and cheap ones like Arwen Undómiel, Bilbo Baggins and Odo Proudfoot.

One other tech I like in this deck is that you can put Damrod in play with Lothiriel's ability, discard him after the quest, and then put him back into play with Caldara's ability.

Once you are setup you only have to rush the quest. Jubayr boosted by Arwen, Narya or Fellowship easily handles the Patrol.

A very simple deck against a very hard quest!


Jun 20, 2020 doomguard 868

this is a nice idea for fellowship-contract. i am not a fan of that contract, but with your idea it is possible "sonish", and that makes it good.

would perhaps add 1-2 dwarfen tomb, 1 swordthain tomb and 1-2 Map of Earnil.

in this constallation it not possible except if you have emery 1. round to get 3 allies in the discard 1. round, right?

eowyn instead of cirdan could help to make that possible (1 card per phase is 3 in the questing phase).

Jun 20, 2020 doomguard 868

i like the fact, that bofur can really shine. if u have 8 characters in play his ability can give up to 11!!! willpower (+1 for every from flipping the contract and 2 himself)

Jun 20, 2020 Marcelf 1283

Thanks @doomguard! Since you discard 4 cards in the quest setup, you could put 3 in play in turn one even without Emery. What you say about Bofur is true for any ally that you can put into play with Lothiriel. Usually I try not to quest successfully to keep Bofur in play.

Jun 20, 2020 doomguard 868

o.k. i did not know the special setup. think, with eowyn this deck can work at all not only this special quest. it can work for chars added with lothiriel, but there are not so many (imrahil, but he should stay and damrod or emery), and bifur can additionally be used. if you can play 2 allys per ressources and use imrahil in the 1. round, bifur fits the contract for the questingphase (only option, lothiriel was used for imrahil). next round you will fill the contract at all, so you will not use lothiriel until one of the chars will be discarded.

Jun 21, 2020 Marcelf 1283

You can also put Glorfindel or Arwen into play with Lothiriel since they share the Noble trait. That is something I like to do with Glorfindel. I shuffle him back in my deck and hope to discard him with the quest discard effect. This way I can put him into play with Caldara or just play him from the discard.

For a more versatile Caldara deck, I think Arwen hero is better than Eowyn and I would keep Seastan's list :

Jun 21, 2020 doomguard 868

yes usually, you are right, but for the contract (and not this mission) and flip it as early as possible, eowyn is better. an usually caldaradeck would have a much diffferent choice of allys and is not restricted to unique. if you get imrahil in the startinghand, this one is faster.

Jun 21, 2020 Marcelf 1283

Looking forward to see your Eowyn version then ;)

Jun 21, 2020 doomguard 868

Jun 22, 2020 Palpa 12

The Lothiriel-Imrahil-Caldara Combo is brilliant

Jun 23, 2020 Marcelf 1283

Thanks @Palpa! it works with Folco Boffin too ;)

Jun 23, 2020 TritonWreck 205

@MarcelfI recently played Ash Mountain with a similar Caldara deck (we lost). I was thinking of using a 60 card deck so that I would discard a bunch when the game starts and may be able to trigger Caldara turn one (as well as use cards like Dwarven Tomb). Have you thought of doing this?

Jun 24, 2020 Marcelf 1283

@TritonWreckIn true solo I won 2 out of 4 games. The quest is brutal^^ I don't want to have more than 50 cards because I want to keep the best odds to have Imrahil in my starting hand. And the discard is soon full of allies for Caldara. Imho you don't have to trigger Caldara turn one in this quest, because it's hard to engage the Patrol turn one anyway. I prefer to be ready with Jubayr, Arwen and Nenya in play when I engage the Patrol.

Jun 27, 2020 FingolfinFate 1

Fellowship is in my opinion by far the most consistently effective contract. And then it is always good to have action advantage, so Narya fits the bills perfectly, though I prefer, for personal reasons, Leadership Faramir and Glorfindel with the Light of Valinor.

Jun 27, 2020 Marcelf 1283

Thanks @FingolfinFateFellowship and forthcoming Messenger of the King are my personal favorite contracts so far! In this deck I need Narya to defend twice with Jubayr the turn I engage the Patrol. As Narya only boosts during one phase I also need Arwen or the flipped Fellowship so that Jubayr survives the 2 attacks of the Patrol. So it's hard to set up all that but with a little luck it can work!

Jun 27, 2020 FingolfinFate 1

Same here. Whilst some of the other contracts have been not so fun to play (or quite hard to get value off), these two are great. Some people think with Fellowship you just have to keep the allies in play but I actually find bouncing strategies to be most fun and effective, especially with allies who leave at the end of the round or during combat so that you don’t lose the bonus (or can still replenish with the likes of Sneak Attack or Stand and Fight). A very nice deck above, I think Imrahil with Caldara and Lothiriel is one of the coolest and strongest combos out there.