Rangers of Gondor

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The Heirs of Numenor
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Razumikhin 39

The Rangers of the Southern Kingdom of Gondor have come to the North to aid their brethren, the Dunedain of the lost Northern Realm.

This deck is part of a thematic fellowship with a Dunedain deck. It's primary role is to use traps to take the pressure off the Dunedain's defense, making it easier for them to handle multiple enemies engaged with them round after round. Meanwhile, using an amped-up Faramir helps to strategically take out the enemies that are too much to handle.

The deck may have almost too much card draw, since just the combination of Master of the Forge and Damrod means you can find and drop cheap traps, that then draw you a card, more or less every turn.

Thurindir allows you to play Gather Information right off the bat which helps the Dunedain get either Heir of Valandil or Steward of Gondor out quickly (and often the Master of the Forge for this deck, but also Forest Snare for quests with a powerful enemy engaged with you right away), and even if that is your only side-quest, he is still a regular 3 willpower quester. Since this deck is mostly questing, that's really nice for only 8 threat. In quests where adding side-quests works well, I drop in some from the side board. In quests with a lot of encounter side-quests, like Across the Ettenmoors, Thurindir becomes an absolute questing monster.

Boosting Faramir is fairly easy thanks to Ranger Spikes, Ranger Spear, and Legacy Blade. I regularly get him up to 7-10 attack, as getting two attachments on him is easy with this card draw, and I prioritize getting Ranger Spikes out as early as possible.