Forth The Stormcaller Smashers - City of Corsairs

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Win - The City of Corsairs - 1 Player - 2020-09-04
The Crossings of Poros - 3 Players - 2021-11-25
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City of Corsairs - Turn 1 Stormcaller Smackdown 12 7 5 1.0
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kattattack22 539

Similar early game plan to Seastan's Turn 1 Stormcaller Smackdown. No one sails or quests turn 1 (unless maybe Steed of the North is in play). This deck is able to smash The Stormcaller turn 1 without any attachments. Choose Silver Wing for the attack boost. Aragorn' attack will be 4, Eowyn's 11 with her ability, Silver Wing 4, and Dream-Chaser 4 for 23. This is enough thanks to Aragorn's defense lowering ability.

After turn 1 it is mainly a waiting game to get contract flipped so Eowyn can quest easilily. She may need help from Aragorn and Amarthiul. Steeds of the North or Roheryn can make it so one or the other can quest while still providing a defense option. If Steed of the North is on Aragorn then he can quest. If Roheryn then Amarthiul should.

Complete Prepare for Battle in Stage 3 if at all possible. The additional card draw is very helpful.

The sideboard is really some substitutions I would make if I played this quest again. Threat was the biggest issue and Secret Vigil just didn't cut it. Favor of the Valar would provide more threat reduction and resources generally aren't an issue mid to late game. Willpower was also a bit lacking without the contract flipping. Some substitutions hopefully make it easier. That said it did work. I was just very close to losing by threat.

Suggested Substitutions

1) + 3 Favor of the Valar

2) + 1 Prepare for Battle

3) + 1 Round Shield

4) + 3 Dagger of Westernesse

1) -3 Secret Vigil

2) - 1 Keep Watch

3) - 1 Warrior Sword

4) - 3 Sterner than Steel