Michael's Lore Ent Deck

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Passage Through Mirkwood - 2 Players - 2020-10-14
Conflict at the Carrock - 2 Players - 2020-10-22
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chatsash 12

chatsash has a newer deck inspired by this one: Michael's Lore Tactics Ent Deck

This is Michael's first deck, and I'd say it's a pretty good one! The cornerstone of the deck seems to be Treebeard, since we have a total of 8 ent allies as well as 4 ent support cards, making up a good quarter of the deck. Drawing into Treebeard at the beginning would be ideal for his passive resource income, but Lórien's Wealth, Heed the Dream, Peace, and Thought, and Gléowine do make it possible to find him in due time.

There are some unexpectedly great combos with Elf-stone, Glamdring, and Woodmen's Path which comes up on occasion, and Denethor with A Burning Brand can really be a solid defensive wall; even better if it goes on Elrond with Cloak of Lórien. Since there aren't many copies of those attachments, it's good to keep a Master of the Forge at home forging away every turn in hopes of getting the attachments you need.

I'd like to make Vilya a more core component for this deck, but it's somewhat hard to find ways to know what the top card of the deck could be, and Elrond is simply too valuable for questing and defence to be allowed to exhaust for a single card. At the moment we have 1 copy for offshoot cases where it could be useful.