Smeagol is a Good Burglar. Yes he is. Good, Smeagol!

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ira212 96

It seems obvious that Haldan goes with The Burglar's Turn, but who else to put with him? It felt thematic to me to have a hobbit of some sort, but I couldn't figure out who to choose, since I was leaning 2x Lore + 1x Spirit heroes for powerful questing and location control. I've made many decks with Merry and Pippin, so I wanted to try something new, and Smeagol seems like he could work well, assuming Aragorn can keep him under control.

I wanted a good number of readying effects, since Aragorn and Haldan will get powered up with the loot. I'm not entirely sure how reliable the combo will be with Arwen Undómiel + Tale of Tinúviel or Elrond's Counsel, but with a decent amount of card draw from Haldan, Smeagol, and Daeron's Runes, I'm hoping it will hit pretty often.

Obviously I'm worried about Stinker, so I have A Test of Will, Hasty Stroke, and ideally Scout Ahead can hit a Stinker. Firyal can help eventually too.

I'm worried about resource generation, but I'm not sure what else to add or cut. If I get Necklace of Girion or Orcrist early on, that will help, but the odds of that are pretty low.

Feedback appreciated!


Nov 20, 2020 TrueLolzor 3

A very nice idea, I am most definitely going to give this a try when my copy of Shadow in the East arrives. Thank you!

Nov 20, 2020 Truck 102

Oh yes good burglar, Precious, very good burglar!