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Win - The Dead Marshes - Nightmare - 3 Players - 2021-11-20
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AJ_800 266

AJ_800 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Exiles

This is a Vilya deck that uses Messenger of the King to toolbox the ideal third Hero for the specific quest and opening hand that you are faced with.

Step 1 - Mulligan for Vilya.

Step 2 - Choose the Ally to be targeted by Messenger of the King.

Remember that, if all copies of your preferred choice are in your starting hand, you will not be able to target them with Messenger of the King.

(MotK) Gildor Inglorion

(MotK) Ioreth

  • Starting Threat = 19
  • Advantages = Starting Threat as low as possible and immediate access to a healing ability.

(MotK) Firyal

  • Starting Threat = 27
  • Advantage = Immediate control over the Encounter Deck.

(MotK) Jubayr

  • Starting Threat = 27
  • Advantage = Immediate answer to Shadow Cards.

(MotK) Yazan

  • Starting Threat = 27
  • Advantage = Immediate access to direct damage.

(MotK) Faramir

  • Starting Threat = 26
  • Advantages = Immediate access to a boost. Additionally, (MotK) Faramir will generate resources that can be used for Heed the Dream's second effect.

(MotK) Elfhelm

  • Starting Threat = 26
  • Advantage = Immediate access to threat control.

(MotK) Beorn

  • Starting Threat = 31
  • This is an unlikely choice given the impact on your Starting Threat and the fact that you will lose a Hero after triggering his boost, it is really only included for the sake of completeness. The only case where this should be considered is if you absolutely need to defend a huge attack and/or kill something on Turn 1.

Step 3 - After Vilya, prioritise Gildor Inglorion (if he is not already in play as your third Hero) as well as Unexpected Courage and Light of Valinor for your Heroes.

Step 4 - Use Vilya every turn, blind if you have to, to flood the board with Allies. As soon as you have access to Gildor Inglorion, start timing the deck to maximise efficiency for uses of Vilya and card draw.

I would welcome any thoughts, comments or suggestions.


Nov 22, 2020 penninck 51

Cool deck, I would consider adding in some solution for duplicate uniques like Protector of Lórien.

Is there any stong reason not to echnage some 3d uniques in favour of Imladris Stargazer?

Nov 22, 2020 penninck 51

(MotK) Haleth would be almost like starting with Master of the Forge in play.

Nov 23, 2020 AJ_800 266

@penninckThank you for taking a look.

Another use for the duplicate Allies would be good (and Protector of Lórien is a good suggestion, I hadn't considered that), but three considerations have stopped me from building one in:

  • If one of my key Allies (i.e. Firyal) is destroyed, I want a duplicate copy not far away to be recruited again.
  • I want to keep the concentration of Allies in the deck high, to maximise the uses of Vilya, especially since Gildor Inglorion only allows me to see the top 3 cards of the deck.
  • I don't know if there will be enough dead cards in my hand to make enough use of Protector of Lórien to justify the deck space.

Imladris Stargazer is one of the tougher cuts from the deck, and I definitely miss her in this build. I tried to build around the focus of using Gildor Inglorion as the primary deck-timer and utilising the deck space elsewhere. You are right that Imladris Stargazer may offset a lower number of high cost Allies by sorting them, but that reduces the concentration of high cost Allies, as well as the backup copies of key Allies to use when they are destroyed.

I haven't built a deck with Haleth yet, but (MotK) Haleth looks exciting. I primarily build Vilya decks, and I am always conscious of building around Attachment search (i.e. Master of the Forge) and deck-timing (i.e. Imladris Stargazer, Gildor Inglorion, Wizard Pipe). I have built lots of decks with deck-timing built into the Heroes (such as this deck), but never with Attachment search (which is arguably more important in a Vilya deck) built into the Heroes. I am definitely going to play around with this.

Thanks again!