Beorn‘s Comeback

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TheMisFitMan 94

Pair this deck with one, that can take care of your threat. In return Beorn can defend for the other player.

Mulligan for Dori in your starting hand. Attach some Boots from Erebor, Self Preservation and - if an Ent is in play - a copy of Ent Draught to him and let him soak up the damage instead of Beorn. With an Erebor Record Keeper you can ready him and use his response again. Heal him up with Self Preservation, Ioreth and Warden of Healing or even with Elrond.

Attach Keys of Orthanc to Gríma. Whenever you don‘t need Beorn‘s resource, send it over to Bifur.

Until this combo is set up (Gríma with his keys can accelerate this) Beorn can take some hits due to his large pool of hitpoints. Honour Guards will help him to stay alive for a while.

If all hell breaks loose and Beorn gets killed, bring him back to life with The Houses of Healing.

Now, I hear you asking: ‚What the heck is Brok Ironfist doing in this deck?‘. Here‘s the trick: Take an undefended attack and kill Bifur, put Brok into play for free and bring Bifur back with The Houses of Healing (your healers, Gríma‘s ability and his resources will make it possible). If your teammate plays and manages to put The Fall of Gil-Galad on Bifur beforehand, you could reduce your threat by seven additionally.