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The Fellowship of The Friends
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CPRBird 50

I tried it out with Gimli and it turned out to be a lot better. same thing Citadel Plate and Dwarven Axe are important for Gimli. You also NEED Self Preservation as you won't be able to have Gimli defending. Quick Strike is also nice for when you just need one more hit and you don't want to take anymore damage.


Jan 22, 2021 DEER PARK 89

Like it

Jan 22, 2021 nelloianiro 518

So a few things: Since you are going to be giving Gimli a lot of damage, there is always a chance he'll die. So even though you don't have a hero, you should put in a Brok Ironfist. I also recommend putting in Faramir, discard him with Éowyn's effect, and buy him with Stand and Fight. Faramir has a great effect. You could also do this with Snowbourn Scout. It seems like a waste, but if you need that progress effect, and a sacrifice, he's perfect. Cool deck.