Gríma’s Crüe

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Gríma’s Crüe of Doom
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Thies 31

Early priority is 1) resource acceleration and 2) card draw. Steward of Gondor goes on Aragorn because once he has Sword that was Broken he can pay for all cards. In an ideal situation the other deck can stargaze to help Galadriel hit these, but using Gríma’s ability can pay for them if not. Master of the Forge can also help find the important cards. I often toss Keys of Orthanc over to a spirit character in the other deck to help there, and also have Errand-rider for that.

The quest/defend/attack roles are pretty obvious, although Aragorn can often quest either with Wingfoot or just because the other deck has two capable attackers of whom one is ranged.


Jan 29, 2021 doomguard 560

would add at least 1 Hauberk of Mail for erkenbrand and Armored Destrier is king for him.

Feb 02, 2021 Thies 31

Maybe in the future I will, but I haven’t gotten to them in my progression yet. This is only cards through Ringmaker and The Road Darkens.