Boromir Gets The Ring On His Han- Finger

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nelloianiro 873

So everybody knows what would of happened if Boromir took the ring from Frodo. Basically Frodo and Boromir would both turn into Gollums on the spot. But what if Boromir was powerful enough?


This is my first multi core set deck. Boromir gets The One Ring. Then decide if you want to get Inner Strength, Strength and Courage, or Well Preserved. Probably Strength and Courage. Then shuffle more copies of the other two master attachments back into the encounter deck. That's why there is 46 cards. Mulligan for Light of Valinor. It is pretty vital for Glorfindel. The endnote is that everything centers around Boromir.

The Sideboard

The sideboard has cards that you can switch out for two-player. Such as Miner of the Iron Hills instead of Power of Orthanc. It also has cards such as Gandalf in case you don't have OHaUH.

Why not a Council of the Wise deck?

Because cards such as Light of Valinor and the icon cards are SO important.


In my second version of this deck, Aragorn is so much more important. give him Elf-friend for Light of Valinor. And he can have the and icons.


Feb 09, 2021 Truck 1120

nice additions

Feb 09, 2021 nelloianiro 873

If you plan on killing Boromir, give The One Ring to Glorfindel.