eowyn banekiller

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doomguard 748

simple, effective:

give eowyn herugrim as much restricted as possible, then additional The Favor of the Lady and she can pile up to (1 +2spear/dagger+10 (wp+herugrim)) 013 attack. thats enough for most trolls and nazgul.

enough readying (snowmane, courage, mirivor, cram) for at least her to quest, if enough readying all 3 can quest.

erkenbrand takes the defense with 1-3 shields, hauberk and armored destrider.

thorongil can go to eowyn (if needed) to give further boost.

mulligan for herugrim, if not gettng it, try Open the Armory


Jun 05, 2021 LazR11 1

Won't Erkenbrand's resources not stack up. You only have two leadership cards that you need resources for. Did I miss something?

Jun 05, 2021 doomguard 748

thorongil and open the armory. in the early version i considered DĂșnedain Quest as additional boost for eowyn. feel free to do so.

Jun 06, 2021 vampyrefate 3

Raven-winged helm for Erkenbrand?

Jun 06, 2021 doomguard 748

not restricted=expensive, but perhaps the res are availaible. on the other hand, did he need it if he has 2 shields and or raiment + perhaps hauberk and healing every round after contract is flipped?

Jun 06, 2021 LazR11 1

Aaah. I see. Still seems to me as if the resources will stack up but as I am not all that experienced with a lot of decks I will try it out and see for myself. Thanks for all the amazing decks you build.

Jun 07, 2021 doomguard 748

after few rounds could be possible to pile some res. but thats not uncommen for 3-hunters-deck without extraordinaire carddraw. if eowyn has herugrim and the contract flipps, i think you are out of the water and will rarely loose. do not forget, favour of the lady (gives her +1 willpower and with herugrim +1 attack) , windfola is also awesome, it counts for 2 willpower at eowyn, when the contract is flipped. if the heroes are full equipped i do not care if they pile some res. playing not-campaign, give the ring +inner strength to erkenbrand and you might not even have problems defending in card dum.