Now It's Time For... Deorwine?

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emorlecallor 1245

Yes, Gleowine has been replaced as "the ally we turn into a hero" by the new, flashy Rohan warrior Déorwine. And for good reason, as instead of drawing tons of cards, we get a possibly more useful ability- the ability to shoulder combat. Well, not combat, but defense really.

If you haven't figured out that we're going to put Sword-thain on Déorwine, guess what? We're going to put Sword-thain on Déorwine! Amazing, huh? Well, but what do we really DO when we get Sword-thain on him, though? Good question. You are going to give him a copy of The Day's Rising. And then you're going to also give him a Raven-winged Helm and an Armored Destrier. Because you can. What does this do? Well, The Day's Rising can help you with your Tactics resources, but those aren't too in demand, so what to do with them? You have two options: donate them to a good cause with Errand-rider, or put Song of Kings on Déorwine and use the resources he generates to fund his own ability, which is an actual thing in this deck, what with all the resource acceleration effects. The ability to cancel shadows with his own effect and Armored Destrier can let him more reliably trigger The Day's Rising as well, since the shadows that unexpectedly raise enemy attack or deal damage to the defending character will be cancelled. If Déorwine does end up about to take damage, you can cancel it with your Honour Guards and Raven-winged Helm. Or, if you're feeling spiteful, you can leave him to die. But that's not recommended.

General strategy/play tips/remarks:

-Mulligan for Déorwine. He is your #1 priority card in the deck. Then try to dig for Sword-thain.

-You can get Déorwine out turn one with Captain's Wisdom on Boromir and Denethor's resource transfer.

-This is a solo deck, but can be played multiplayer since other players are generally OK with you being Steward guy if you have some Errand-riders. Use the Rod of the Steward for card draw.

-Attack power comes mainly in the form of Boromir, ally Legolas, and Sam if the enemy is at a high enough engagement cost. The Vassal of the Windlord can provide a one-shot attack boost if needed.

-Sneak Attack can be used not only with Gandalf but also with Déorwine, so you can play Sword-thain on him first turn.

Enjoy the deck!