an otter for swimming

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jvader 103

jvader has a newer deck inspired by this one: an otter for swimming(and shooting)

just messing around with a random idea. a legolas grey wanderer support deck. any suggestions are welcome. this is version two. the idea is to load legolas up with Thorongil,Bow of the Galadhrim and Silver Circlet then use Hands Upon the Bow and/or Fair and Perilous to kill them in the staging area. the allies are a mix of what i thought would be helpful


Sep 14, 2021 doomguard 960

if you want him a real sniper of the staging, then 3 hands upon the bow is not enough. i would say, then you need Great Yew Bow and more attack. Rivendell Bow is not restricted, then DĂșnedain Mark and because he has low thread Unseen Strike is very usable (all in addition to hands upon the bow)

the Golden Belt helps to get an additional weapon. for that (yea it sounds crazy) the War Axe is the best, with the belt and 2 other restricted, it makes +3, better than any other weapon (and do not aks, why he better shoot because of an axe ^^) thin way, you don not even need the Fair and Perilous, he can pile up to (3 base + 3 mark+2 galadrimbow+3 axe +1 imladris bow = ) 12 what survives that is better hit with an Unseen Strike than a Fair and Perilous.

my opinion is, that a deck that can approximately kill 1 enemy per turn from the staging is not enough or a deck. o.k. with readying from contract you can kill another enemy in the combatphase. make sure you have partners with not to much thread that qeusts for 2 and/or survive engaged enemys.

Sep 14, 2021 doomguard 960

consider The One Ring and Strength and Courage then he can shoot early with a high value and if he constantly can take out 2-3 enemys per turn, it is a good fightingdeck.