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brametjuhh 25


The Rohan riders make way for the Battle of Pelennor Fields, carrying a dead-flag as their banner. Meanwhile Aragorn and Arwen join them with a much better looking banner, blessed by Thalions lineage.


Elfhelm partnered with as many heroes as possible (6) who all have atleast 1 dedicated mount and as many (3 for 5/6 heroes) resource icons to to effectively turn his textboxt into the Fellowship contract. Herubrand just scales very well with this deck concept, and Dúnhere has a horse and scales really well with Herubrand. Aragorn is a really good every sphere hero, and Arwen is there for good support.

Must haves:

  • Aragorn:
    • Celebrians Stone (icon) (restricted)
    • Rivendell Bow
    • Roheryn (icon and mount)
    • Sword that was Broken (icon)
    • 1 Restricted free
  • Dunhere:
    • Dunedain Cache
    • Firefoot (mount) (restricted)
    • Herugrim (mount) (restricted)
    • Magic Ring
    • Golden Belt
    • Song of Battle (icon)
    • Song of Kings (icon)
    • Steed of the Mark (mount)
  • Elfhelm:
    • Song of Battle (icon)
    • Song of Travel (icon)
    • 2 Restricted free
  • Herubrand:
    • Song of Kings (icon)
    • Song of Travel (icon)
    • 2 Restricted free
  • Arwen:
    • Steed of Imladris (mount) (restricted)
    • Sword-thain
    • Thorongil
    • Windfola (mount) (restricted)
  • Thalion.

Additional cards:

  • Armored Destriers, good on everyone but Aragorn, Elfhelm, Herubrand and Thalion
  • Arod can go on anyone, but is best on Dúnhere
  • Asfaloth is for an ally playing Glorfindel, but could be used on Arwen as well.
  • Golden Belt, 1 copy is free for whoever is filled first/works the best
  • Golden Shield is great on either Aragorn or Herubrand
  • Legacy Blade is best on Dúnhere (but requires Golden Belt), otherwise it works on anyone who has gained Ranged
  • Rohan Warhorse is the same as Legacy Blade
  • Snowmane is good on anyone who has the space for it (Dunhére would be best but requires Golden Belt)
  • Steed of the Mark, 1 copy is good on both Elfhelm and Herubrand
  • Steward of Gondor, works on anyone but Arwen (and Thalion only if properly spered), as anyone else should get any sphere (and Lore requires no resources)
  • Tireless Thoroughbred is good on Elfhelm, Herubrand and Thalion

Nov 29, 2021 doomguard 1322

good base idea, but i would change little things:

Elven-light is a good card, if you have discarding options. your only discardingoptions are Daeron's Runes and very very later a swordthained AND thorongiled Arwen.

that is not enough, until then they are dead wights. would replace them with either Miruvor that gives you beside the readying a litle resourcemanagement or with Westfold Horse-breeder they are a save carddraw (with choosing) and until they die chumping heorically they quest for 1.

Dec 01, 2021 brametjuhh 25

@doomguard, you were so right haha.

Hadn't actually played the deck yet but now that I have I completely agree that even with out fellowship running multiple Gather Information and Heed the Dream the Arwen combo is way too unreliable, and that the deck is definetly missing some targeted carddraw.

I'm probably still going to leave in Arwen Undómiel herself and the Sword-thain and Thorongil, as having an extra hero does do a lot for the deck and thorongil can also work well on some of the other characters.

But yeah im currently planning some edits that will at the least include adding Westfold Horse-breeder, and I am planning on rebalancing the mounts to be more applicable to multiple characters instead of only one.