Boromir's Vanguard

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Sons of Denathor
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Dor-lomin 44

The other half of the Denathor's Sons fellowship, this deck is designed to compliment Faramir's Rangers. It is a Gondor swarm that should look after most of the questing whilst finishing off enemies not dealt with by Faramir's traps.

It is based on a couple of (pretty simple) ideas.

  1. Gondor allies swarm + Visionary Leadership + 5 out of 6 heroes in the fellowship having the Gonder trait = questing success + abundant chump blockers.

  2. Eleanor, spirit events and Minas Tirith Lampwright give pretty decent protection from nasty suprises from the encounter deck.

  3. Northern Tracker combos well with Ravenhill Scout to deal with locations.

  4. Unexpected Courage, Light of Valinor and Steed of the Mark ensure for lots of readying, as does Prince Imrahil's innate ability.

  5. Damrod potentially combines well with the Faramir's traps.

That's it. A simple but effective deck that pairs well with its fellowship buddy.