Two Arms

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frobp 71

The allies in this deck all have something in common: they each have two arms (not to be confused with To Arms!). That is, except for the Loyal Hound, who has four legs. (Look, not every deck can be purely thematic, ok?)

With all of the cost reduction / resource generation that the heroes provide, you should have no trouble building up a pretty large army of allies, assuming you can survive the first few rounds. Of course, Hirgon can help you survive because he can play whatever ally you need most after questing successfully, with an optional stat boost if you really need it.

The Burglar's Turn was an afterthought because I originally built this deck with no attachments anyway. So it's just icing on the cake if you get any of the loot attachments into play.

While it's not guaranteed, it goes without saying that your Long Lake Fisherman should hit every time if you say "2".

Many of the allies here can be switched out for others that you might prefer, or that might help in certain scenarios (e.g. Miner of the Iron Hills for condition removal, since he also has two arms).


Jun 23, 2022 doomguard 1229

like your attachement-list. would perhaps add Herugrim if playing solo its not bad or GrĂ­ma.

because of the costs (all 2) i would include Zigil Miner (he has also 2 arms ;) )

Jun 23, 2022 BlackArrow 39

Neat deck! Zigil Miner would really be a great inclusion. I would include Stone of Elostirion (/card/06090) and maybe a Silver Circlet in you loot deck, taking out Ancestral Armor and Hauberk of Mail.