Shepherds of the Forest

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Birdman's Con of the Rings '22 Decks (1/2)
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Birdman137 30

This deck is all about amassing a herd of ents to tear through quests. If you can survive the early game and get your board state built up, not much will stop this arboreal army.

You are looking for Treebeard in your opening hand. If he isn't there, take a mulligan. The traps and Feint are there to help slow the encounter deck down while you get everything set up. With nearly half the deck comprised of Ent cards, Entmoot can draw a LOT of cards. Mablung, Treebeard, and Elf-stone help get ent allies into play more quickly. I usually stick Wingfoot on Beravor so she can quest and defend or quest and draw. The Ranger of Cardolan is a nice safety valve in case an enemy you can't handle engages you or if you don't want to sacrifice one of your ents to a big boss.

One of the main attack strategies of this deck is to keep some damage on most of your ents to pump Booming Ent up to ridiculous attack values. With the Booming Ent plus all those hit points, this deck actually welcomes some archery. Warden of Healing and Wellinghall Preserver provide solid healing and help manage the damage "load" on the ents. Another benefit of this deck is that it doesn't rely on character attachments so quests with attachment hate won't do much.