Bears, Beets, Battle of Helm's Deep!

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Werepossum 230

This deck is designed to abuse Thengel to flip your cheap Beorning and Rohan into Giant Bears and other warriors. The Last Alliance lets you use your Rohan recursion card, like Gamling and Squire of the Mark, on your Beorning allies. This also applies to the Rohan sacrifice cards.

Beorning Skin-changer is probably the best card in this deck. You can use it to get two allies for the price of one with Thengel and can be used to sneak expensive Rohan allies in with The Last Alliance. I would hold off sacrificing him until after you have some recursion available.

Elfhelm pulls double duty in this deck. He is a early threat with a build in sacrifice at end of phase, and a decent ally to flip into with Thengel.

The mix of cheaper self-sacrificing Rohan allies can be changed to fit the scenario, but remember that there is only one hero, so try to use the cost reduction from The Last Alliance to make double allies cheaper early on. I leaned towards more The Riddermark's Finest, as it matches Giant Bear and Beorning Pony in addition to all of the Rohan. Its also good to note that Beorn is a warrior, so it can be pulled by several of the Rohan.

Finally, the deck requires a critical mass of allies of both traits, so the number of events and attachments this deck can support is limited. We would likely play more copies of Helm! Helm! if it were cheaper, but you don't often have a lot of resources availible.


Sep 22, 2022 NERD 191

Need Brooks No Delay should definitely be included.

Sep 22, 2022 Werepossum 230

I had that in the first draft and decided to cut it for fear of missing on the Thengel flips, though I did forget that I can get the cost down to 1 with The Last Alliance. I'll test it out.

Sep 22, 2022 Werepossum 230

This pulling the three best cards in the deck, Beorning Skin-changer, Gamling, and Birna is a real big reason to run it. Definitely going to make room for it.