Spirit Rohan

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All the decks I make are intended for multi-player games, since I enjoy the social aspect of playing with others. This means that the decks tend to be specialised and rely on combining with other decks that specialise in other aspects of play. Please bear this in mind when reviewing and commenting on the deck.

This is a spirit-sphere incarnation of Rohan, based around using Théoden to play out allies at reduced cost. The deck operates by building up a swarm of allies in the early game and then being able to do a high-willpower quest with Astonishing Speed in the mid to late game. With enough allies in play this card can raise your willpower immensely. The deck has a small amount of defence with Théoden and Háma and a small amount of attack with Dúnhere and Ride Them Down, which can add a bit of a contribution to clearing out enemy characters. It also has all the core-set goodness for the sphere which can contribute nicely by dealing with nasty surprises in the encounter deck.

Since the deck primarily contributes willpower for quests, it tends to combine well with combat decks that can handle attacks on enemy characters. For multi-player games, you should bear in mind that Astonishing Speed works for all Rohan characters in play (not just your own) so it can add some synergy when paired with another deck that also uses Rohan characters.


Nov 24, 2022 NERD 522

The Muster of Rohan is absurd in a deck like this. Also, Dúnhere works best with Fastred and weapons, so he is not ideal here. Consider replacing him with (MotK) Gamling so you can recur allies from the start. Also, Éomund and Horn of the Mark are worth multiple copies. I would cut Rider of the Mark.